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We want to explore key issues around professional development and identity, and want to speak to practitioners in the FE sector in the North and FAE sector in the South who have recently completed their teaching qualification (for example CIT, PGCE (FE), TEQ).

Interested participants will be invited to take part in a one-to-one interview that will last approximately 1 hour in September/October. This confidential interview will explore issues relating to the project and their professional development experiences.

This will be followed by a workshop in October/November.

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Interview Guide

The ‘SAFETTI’ Study: ‘I am what I do’: A Study of Teacher Education Educational Qualification Training in Adult and Further Education in the island of Ireland

  1. How would you characterise your experience of your teacher training/TEQ programme?
  2. What experiences in the programme shaped that characterisation you offer in Q1?
    1. Could you place these key experiences you had during the programme on a timeline so we can see (and then explore together) the highs, lows, and critical turning points?
  3. In what ways did you change during and/or as a result of your professional studies?
    1. What did having a TEQ qualification mean to you before you began the programme?
    2. What does it mean now after you’ve earned it?
    3. Tell me about a specific time during the programme that you believe was pivotal in shifting your meaning around your personal identification with your role as an FE teacher/lecturers.
    4. How has this shift affected you?
      1. Personally?
      2. Professionally?
      3. In thinking about future career trajectory and development?
  1. What role did your studies ‘play’ in your professional development?
    1. Tell me about a specific time during your study programme that illustrates how your professional development was enhanced as related to the themes you mention above.
    2. How did you make sense of the learning experience in your professional practice?
  1. How can the teaching-learning environment (TLE) in AFE professional development programmes be enhanced?
  1. In what specific ways did your TEQ programme inhibit your engagement with lifelong learning and development?
  1. In what ways did your TEQ programme facilitate your engagement with lifelong professional learning and development?
  1. What else would you like to talk with me about as related to your experience of the TEQ program and its impact on you?